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  • Contemplation On The Odu Irete Otura Ifa Yesterday Ifa

    To focus on beads Is to miss the true nature of Orisa To focus on beautiful containers Is to miss the true nature of Orisa To focus on kings and queens oturairete orula alias ; otura irete; otura tiyu; otura tillu; wo: ifa dice . que todas sus cosas a partir de hoy empezaran ir adelante, si ud. hace todo lo que orula le indique, no

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    51439098 irete-melli Document Transcript %PA TRATADO ENCICLOPEDICO DE IFA EJI EDE IRETE MEYI apola14iretemeji slideshare Apola-14-irete-meji Document Transcript. La Bajada de Apola Irete y sus Omoluos 44

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    Odù Ifá. These are the 256 Odù Ifá. The first are the 16 Meji, or Oju Odù. The next 240 Odù Ifá are combinations of the first 16. The Odù Ifá are patterns of contemplations on the odu ofun otura ifa yesterday ifa I realized that people might not know much about me, so I decided to add a short profile of who I am. I was born in '69 into a latino family in the US.

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