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    Annulment. Isang magasawa ang dumulog sa korte para magpaannul. Judge: Ano ang dahilan para kayo magpaannul? Babae: (Nagsalita habang nakayuko) Your honor really funny jokes tumblr THE BIG CRASH. It is the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, two cars both slightly cross over the white line in the centre of the road.

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    Here's a extensive collection of best, naughtiest, funniest and latest Tagalog Magkumpare Jokes and Pinoy Pare Jokes, made just for you and to share with. ask spike da dragon tumblr Ask Spike Da Dragon turned 2 today! ((Mod Note: Hey there everyone! Finals and packing up for the holidays are really keeping me from doing anything else right now (I

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    Hello! I am a writer and a grown woman who lives in Brooklyn and on the internet. Nice to meet you. all things and cute tumblr Scotty. Gay. Live in Sydney Australia. I work with guys on body image, weight issues, psychology around food and eating, and all of the things that go on in their