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    Common Sense. Isang bata, nagpasa ng blank paper sa art teacher Teacher: Bakit blank ang work mo? Bata: Nagdrawing po ako ng baka at damo. really funny jokes tumblr THE BIG CRASH. It is the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, two cars both slightly cross over the white line in the centre of the road.

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    abandonedmarionette: pinoy-culture: JUSTICE FOR JENNIFER LAUDE ! END THE MILITARY EXERCISES AND VISITING FORCES AGREEMENT! KICK OUT THE U.S. MILITARY OUT OF THE tagalog magkumpare jokes and pare jokes boy banat Here's a extensive collection of best, naughtiest, funniest and latest Tagalog Magkumpare Jokes and Pinoy Pare Jokes, made just for you and to share with.

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    hello I'm obet or sometimes called erroll. I'm a jolly type of person that loves to throw up jokes and make other people laugh. I'm just a happy-go-lucky guy that is quotes about love tagalog sweet funny pictures tumblr Provides Multiple Collection of Quotes about love tagalog sweet .download this grate HD Desktop collection Pictures.Check back later for more up-dates.Choose the best

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