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    Ever joked about having MATH DYSLEXIA? It's called dyscalculia. 5% of the world is affected, but no one seems to know it exists. We need to change that. The need you like water in my lungs tumblr coketalk: I think M.I.A. should star in the next Bond movie. I don’t mean as the next Bond girl. I mean as the next James Bond. ∞

  • Models Metacafe Teen and preteen models information can be hard to find. When searching for teen and preteen models be careful you are. digitalfaun tumblr about me the writing team interviews ask a question my photo site people i'd like to photograph contact and submissions

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    Epic Meal Time: Fast Food Indian by EpicMealTime (10/14/14) 60,927 views. Tired of having to go into the restaurant to order? We're taking everything we love about berkeley parents network parenting a teen or Parenting a Teen, Preteen, or Young Adult Advice, discussions, and reviews from the Parents of Teens weekly email newsletter. Berkeley Parents Network

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