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  • Masakmasak Nasi Beriani @ An Nur Nasi Kampung Baru Kl

    I was in the Kampung Baru neighbourhood one afternoon and decided to give this Johor food stall a try which was featured in Robyn's blog previously. masakmasak jm beriani @ tesco shah alam For the uninitiated, nasi beriani/briyani is rice cooked with spices and ghee. The rice grains are fried with the spices and ghee to infuse the flavour.

  • Rempah Ratus Masakan Melayu Johor Nasi Beriani Gam Johor

    Hi today I am present you my family all time favorites Johorean exotic Nasi Beriani Gam. The origin of Nasi Beriani (Beriani Rice) was originated from the daily rantings nasi beriani gam johor jb power @ restoran I remember the last time I was in Batu Pahat, about the same time last year, I spent 45 minutes looking for Beriani Gam Power JB, and when I got there it

  • Restaurant Beriani Pj The Nasi Beriani S At Jm Bariani

    Nasi Beriani Kambing The mutton beriani was how beriani first started by the Persian. Until today, beriani Kambing/lamb is favorited by beriani lovers in Malaysia. resipi nasi beriani perniagaan katering restoren Bahan-Bahan: 1 kg Beras Basmathi. 2 sudu besar Minyak Sapi. 2 sudu besar Minyak Masak. 2 ulas bawang labu sederhana besar dihiris halus. 1 keping kulit