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    noun, plural I's or Is , i's or is. 1. the ninth letter of the English alphabet, a vowel. 2. any spoken sound represented by the letter I or i, as in big, nice, or i definition and more from the free merriamwebster Full Definition of I 1 a : the 9th letter of the English alphabet b : a graphic representation of this letter c : a speech counterpart of orthographic i 2 : one

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    I 1 (ī) pron. Used to refer to oneself as speaker or writer. n. pl. I's. The self; the ego. [Middle English, from Old English ic; see eg in Indo-European roots.] i lyrics page 1 lyrics on demand I Lyrics - Page 1 - Lyrics On Demand. All the lyrics for all your favorite artists! < A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. I Lyrics (Page 1) ALL I

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    im-1, var. of in- 2 before b, m, p: imbrute; immigrate; impassion. im-2, var. of in- 3 before b, m, p: imbalance; immoral; imperishable. im-3, i englishfrench dictionary wordreference 1+1=2 Oh ! J'ai compris ! compris interj : Ah, now I've got it. Thanks for the explanation!