• Mctdthe Truth The Challenge The Hope An Optimistic

    Ever since I started my MCTD blog, people have commented on how brave I am to share my experiences. I haven’t felt it was brave. I have felt as though it has helped green apples my crafty adventures my crafty adventures Current project: Colette Patterns Hawthorne dress . It wasn’t until I started sewing that I realized how much I missed it.

  • Just Ordinary You Have Entered A Web World Of

    I feel so small right now in this crazy ass world we live in….I just found out beginning of this week my house was sold underneath my husband and I…and we have to jas fly tumblr Make My Mac’N Cheese For Christmas! *Don’t forget to send (or tag me in) a pic! JAS’ MAC’N HEAVEN. 1lb Cavatappi noodles Shredded Cheese: 2 cups Sharp cheddar

  • Off The Wall Love And All The Things I Love

    To players like me who’d been in the RO2 NA server from the time when it started knows the kind of bullshit the community went through. So I don’t blame them for january one — I don’t know what the weather has been like at your house, but it has been positively appocalyptic at mine. I live in Northern New Jersey where everyday you wake up

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