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    Current Residence: Stuck in the computer Operating System: Is operating MP3 player of choice: What do I choose from? ^.^ Shell of choice: Eggs encouraging growth Hey there! I’ve been a busy bee. A couple of weeks ago Ellie and I spent a long weekend in Branson with Andrew’s family. We stayed in cabins, went to shows and El

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    I don’t know what the weather has been like at your house, but it has been positively appocalyptic at mine. I live in Northern New Jersey where everyday you wake up green apples my crafty adventures my crafty adventures Pattern:Simplicty 1615. Fabric:: Swiss Dot lawn from Joann Fabrics. Notes: This was one of my favorite of the new Summer Simplicity patterns

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    Hi Cas! I am a new fan of yours, and I LOVE you!! I’ve been looking for someone to motivate me into cleaning and organizing, and I’ve found her! tupelo honey tumblr i'm lindsay. this is my story. down on the farm . this past weekend, andy and i took the kids to coverdale farm reserve for DELAWARE FARM FUN DAYS! our nature