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    Each time you use or access any gaming applications of Broken Bulb Studios of these Terms and may result in a ban from all Broken Bulb Studios games and broken bulb game studios making people smile all day long “The first thing anyone will most likely notice playing Ninja Warz, from Broken Bulb Studios, is how charming this game is.”

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    "Your account has been banned. Reason: Cheating Please contact: Your FBID is 100000989395870. Do not post this in the forums please." games how to unban my miscrits account blogger Email with the FBID# we show you on the page, and DO NOT post in the forums. We will get to each person's email as time permits.

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    VIP Support: Copyright 2010-2012 Broken Bulb Game Studios, All Rights Reserved Privacy | Terms of Use miscrit facebook helpmunity facebook Your account has been banned due to suspicious activity. Reason: Cheating. Your FBID is 100002188602602. Please contact: